It's no secret that technology and the way it is incorporated into our lives changes on a daily basis.  Intelec studies these changes and the impact they will have today, tomorrow, and beyond in order to provide the educated solutions for an integrated lifestyle.  We ensure the products we provide our clients are maximized to deliver the best performance while maintaining aesthetic appeal and ease of use.


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2014 Parade of Homes system installation.

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Let's face it, technology is cool.  Intelec takes pride in hearing that word from our clients after integrating a new system.  Our clients share that sense of pride after we help balance the investment they are making with the cool features or products they desire.  Once that relationship blossoms, we all benefit from the friends and families that experience something that makes them say, "Cool!" 


With over 25 years of experience in the greater Iowa City area, Intelec values the community.  Not only does Intelec contribute in a small way by recycling, we help clients and builders design systems that conserve energy and reduce waste.  We also partner with manufacturers that provide Energy Star compliant electronics and solutions to automate and maximize efficiency for your home or business.


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